American airline kicked out 2 girls for wearing tights on plane

United airline doesn’t have 2 girls wearing clothes from the passenger ship Guardia objectionable when a girl was allowed to travel after the epitome sheets on legs.  According to the United news agency of foreign have 3 girls they are fitting in due to wear and warned that this kind of dress and travel in the plane body is against the policy of  to Zeb, the three girls dress to a change the Administration however only one sheet on top of the a girl wrapped, which allowed traveling after however, other 2 The girls were from the plane. A spokesman for United, said that the incident would explain on the in terms of clothes, to protect passengers own our internal affair, and this policy has been made, the cause is our responsibility to implement and which were prevented from flying in the plane 2 girls came to an employee of the United are well aware of our policy Convention travel.