Akash parliamentarians vote in favor of the referendum for separation from Britain for driving

Eden-im-Breisgau: British Prime Minister to save national unity face steep hurdles, and now Scotland, members of Parliament voted in favor of the referendum also made for separation. In the Parliament of Scotland, according to the foreign news agency from the UK for the second time to the process of voting for the referendum was held in which a majority of members voted in favour of the referendum, after which the Parliament first Minister Nicolas estrogen the case of the referendum, the British authorities decided to found the parliamentary authority. Akash from 69 members of Parliament voted in favor of the UK to the referendum for the 59 opposed it.
Scottish Parliament voted in favor of the referendum by the British Prime Minister after more problems are trying to unify the country, which was parked and they as katsu with the members of Parliament before the vote had requested well-thought-out decision. Parliament asketh first Minister Nicolas estrogen says that hope that the British Government will respect the wish of Parliament asketh and if so can discuss reconciliation process, was well done. It should be noted that the right to vote in the referendum by Parliament asketh estrogen Nicholas after the separation from the British Parliament and the British Government still for the referendum shall be to allow holding of the British Prime Minister has said before, it is time to, however, is not the referendum.