5 times strong iron cloth dress up

Scientists at the University of  in Japan: okao contains, a light-weight cloth is extremely flexible, but that is not only produced 5 times more iron is also strong. The cloth which FR SC means ‘ ‘ kmpost ‘ ‘ anforsd software has been the name of the fiber recycling, water from the  and glass fiber fabric is designed by the unique combination in this scene. Bullet-proof solidity, flexibility and sustainability this based on your cloth from the bones to the paste  built-in can be used in it. To reach this success seems easy on the surface many years during this time, Japanese scientists are combining efforts to  fiber glass and were effectively failed.

After long efforts, experts at the University of  the combination of these two chemicals eventually succeeded in doing, and consequently a cloth came into existence with the flexible 25 times compared to normal glass fiber and carbon steel (carbon steel) is 5 times stronger than even when that multifarious ksiralmikasad is also due to the good qualities. Scientists say the chances for clothes and apply this new  there is a wide world so that it is not possible to use it in the field. All the technical details of the invention of this research have been published in the ‘ Journal ‘ functional materials ‘ Advanced ‘.