100 kg Gold coin theft from Museum of Germany

Berlin: Germany 100 kg of a pure gold coin from the Museum of stolen. According to the foreign news agency internationally renowned Museum located in the German capital, Berlin from 53 cm of the who and its thickness 3 cm is more than an inch, even when that weight is 100 kg. The extremely pure gold coin used within Guinness Book of world records is included. This is an image of Queen Elizabeth on one side of the coin, while on the other hand, there is the address of, which is also the national symbol of Canada. That is why it is called the “big leaf. In 2007, the value of leaf bug issued $1 m, but it is used the most because of its original worth pure gold is us $40. for the Museum spokesman said: this was a loan from a private collection on display in coin, but last night it took an unknown thief are.
Berlin Police spokesman Estefan Peterson told the media in his chorales more than one because a person cannot take the alone heavy coin. At three o’clock Monday morning through a stair chorus near the path of the window was successful in entering the Museum. After entering the Museum they have a wardrobe, in front of the bullet-proof glass, and before police took it beyond the first escape. Stolen from a nearby railway track used for the staircase is found later. It should be clear that some of the world’s museums the Museum of Berlin today is one of the richest variety of rare and extremely rare storage exists.